Special Features

Special Features 2014


Irish Grand Prix Pit Stop

Stunning examples of cars that raced at the RIAC International Irish Grand Prix between 1929 and 1931. A mighty Mercedes-Benz SSK, arch rival Bentley Speed 6, classic Alfa Romeo 8C and a Brooklands Riley displayed in front of a reconstruction of the Grand Prix PIt area.


All our Yesterdays

Once they were the most numerous cars on the road, now they are almost gone. So we’ve created a display of 1950’s and 60s family saloons ranging from a curvy Renault Dauphine to a Heinkel Bubble car. Theres also a superb early Morris Minor, as well as other fine examples of the cars our fathers drove.


Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

Celebrating the historic performance of the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost in the famous 1913 Alpine Trial we’ve three magnificent examples of the type, a 1913, 1919 and 1924 examples.



From the Lotus Cortina Mk 1 to the Exige 220S our line up of rare Lotus cars celebrates the design genius of Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus.


The RIAC Stand

The RIAC Stand features a Ferrari F40, a Lamborghini Gallardo and an Austin Mini Cooper S.

smart-kidsStreetSmart is an exciting initiative set up by the Road Safety Authority which aims to bring issues of road safety to life for young school children. StreetSmart is designed for three distinct age groups: 4-5, 5-8 and 8-12 years. There is a combination of interactive activities available for each age group. StreetSmart also involves a streetscape mat which invites children to carry out typical, everyday cycling or pedestrian tasks. They can dress up and adopt various roles. The Road Safety Authority representatives are on hand to coordinate the activities with the help of teachers at the school. It is an action packed, fun filled day that enhances the student’s knowledge of the rules of the road.